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  1. Hello,

    I am a great admirer of Alexander from England and have greatly enjoyed your podcast so far which contains many facts and stories about Alexander’s life, family and society that I have not heard before. Your humour makes this podcast very easy to listen to and I eagerly await the following episodes.

    Thank you for your hard work and enthusiasm in telling the story of one of history’s greatest men.

  2. Finally a Greek talking about Alexander with an accurate pronunciation of names and places. Great storytelling that sets a perfect context for Alexander.

  3. Είσαι φοβερός!!!

    Πολλά συγχαρητήρια!!!!!

    Σε ευχαριστώ μέσα από τη καρδιά μου για το έργο σου.


  4. Hi Michalis, as a true admirer of Alexander, I was super excited to listed to your podcast, my youngest son’s name is Alexander by the way (the little, for now) 🙂. I was so struck by your story telling, that I often could not choose between my “Liked Songs” playlist on Spotify and your episodes. It is people like you that keep the fire of Alexandros going, he would be forever grateful as his everlasting fame was probably always on his mind. It was awesome to listen to your podcast while reading Adrian Goldsworthy’s “Philip and Alexander”. I will make sure to send you some support and I hope you are not affected by heat waves striking Greece (and pretty much all of western europe). Keep doing what you do!

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